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We've moved and changed our name!

Open House
August 11

Sheridan, Oregon


Visit us at our new location at the Sheridan Church of the Nazarene.
917 S Bridge St

About Us
The mission of Sheridan Christian Academy is to provide a high quality, Christ centered education that cultivates both mind and spirit while building knowledge, inquiry, self-worth, and moral fortitude upon a foundation of Biblical faith and principles.
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What makes Sheridan Christian Academy different from other schools?




In an age when children are presented with the many conflicting ideas and "vain philosophies" of men, it is essential that they learn that true wisdom comes only from God.  The foundation of our academic program is God's Word.  It is the solid rock upon which students will build their understanding of history, science, literature, and even mathematics, and Jesus is the model by which students will learn to guide their own behavior and their relationships with others.
Do you have a child that has missed the cut-off for Kindergarten but is ready for school?  Do you have a child who's old enough for school but still needs more personalized attention and frequent opportunities for free play?  Whether your child is eager to dive into more challenging work or is struggling to keep up with the test driven demands of the modern classroom, you will find a place for him or her at Sheridan Christian Academy.  It isn't your child's birthday that's important, it's his/her readiness to take that next developmental step. We will work with you to find the classroom that best meets your child's needs, regardless of his/her age. To learn which classroom might be right for your child click here.
If you took a random sample of twenty third grade students and lined them up against the wall, would they all be the exact same height?  Of course not! Yet, while everyone readily admits that children do not grow at the same rate, the idea persists that every child of a certain age ought to be able to master the same material at the same time.  At Sheridan Christian Academy, we know that each child has been "fearfullly and wonderfullly made"  by God Himself for a special purpose.  It is our job to encourage your child to discover and develop his unique gifts while also helping him to achieve increasing competence in areas of weakness.


God has given parents both the great privilege and the grave responsibility of raising the children with which He has entrusted them.  This responsibility does not belong to the state nor to any school.  We believe that parents are the final authority in making educational choices for their children, and they play the most critical role in "training up  [their] children in the way they should go".  Schools are meant to aid, not supplant parents, in their role as their childrens' primary educators.


How did Jesus teach His disciples?  Did He merely preach to them for a few hours and then send them home for the day?  We know that Jesus did so much more than that.  He ate with them, prayed with them, traveled with them, laughed with them and sometimes even cried with them.  In other words, Jesus developed relationships with His disciples, and it was these relationships that allowed the disciples to truly internalize the lessons that Jesus was teaching.  The Christian failth is all about relationships-the relationship that each individual has with the Living God and the relationship that every believer has with fellow believers.  Why should Christian education be any different?  Because of the unique structure of Sheridan Christian Academy, students will interact with the same teachers year after year. Over time, teachers students, and parents will come to understand  that they are more than just a  part of a school . They are members of a family.


Are tests designed to assess learning or are they meant to guide instruction?  Should a single test be the foundation for an entire curriculum?  Should test preparation consume most of class time?  While tests have some value in informing schools and parents about the areas where greater attention is required, they are not the only, nor are they very often the best, method for assessing student progress. If you think about it, in the real world, tests are rarely used to demonstrate competence. At Sheridan Christian Academy, teachers use a variety of methods to measure student learning, and we keep tests in their place as just one tool in a large toolbox.  


The model of schools with classrooms containing students of one age was imported from Prussia in the mid 19th Century, but it wasn't until the 20th Century that graded schools became standard in almost every area of the United States.  When students  are isolated in same age peer groups, they are placed in an artificial social envirionmentt that does not exist outside the school.  In the outside world, students must learn to live and work in groups composed of people of all ages.  At Sheridan Chrisitian Academy, we to try to replicate more natural patterns of human interaction by placing students in mixed age groups. For a list of the benefits of multi-age grouping, click here .


From classic literature, to real history, to traditional mathematics, we teach academic subjects the way they were taught before the sweeping educational "reforms" of the modern era.  Your children will cut their teeth on the works of some of the greatest authors of all time.  They will be immersed in the story of history, and they will learn science in a way that will actually enhance their faith.  Most importantly, our entire program is built upon the foundation of Jesus Christ and the Biblical principles that will prepare your child to live as a Christian in an increasingly secular society.
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