Sheridan Christian Academy

We've moved and changed our name!

Open House
August 11

Sheridan, Oregon


Visit us at our new location at the Sheridan Church of the Nazarene.
917 S Bridge St

About Us

After School Activities

  1. Tutoring
    After school tutoring is included in your tuition..
    At Calvary Christian Academy, we are committed to the education of each and every student, but we recognize that sometimes students need more help than is available during regular school hours. Therefore, we offer after school tutoring four days a week. It is free for every enrolled student, including those enrolled part time through the homeschooling program.
  2. Clubs
    All clubs are free, but some may require a small materials fee.
    Each semester, there are new club options available. Teachers, students, and volunteers may suggest clubs, and if there is enough interest the club is formed. It may or may not continue beyond the first semester. There may be small materials or field trip fees associated with each club. These fees will be included in the description of clubs available at the start of each semester.
  3. Art, Music, Sports
    These activities will be scheduled when there is an instructor available.
    In order to keep your tuition costs low, we often rely upon volunteers or part-time instructors to cover elective and after school courses. Because the availability of instructors may change from semester to semester, we cannot guarantee that all courses will be offered year round. Sports teams, if they are formed, will also be seasonal by nature. A list of after school activities will be available at the beginning of each semester.
The mission of Sheridan Christian Academy is to provide a high quality, Christ centered education that cultivates both mind and spirit while building knowledge, inquiry, self-worth, and moral fortitude upon a foundation of Biblical faith and principles.
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