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August 11

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About Us

Intermediate Grades

  1. Flexible Classroom Placements
    Placement is based upon readiness, not age.
    Do you have an eight year old who is not being challenged by his current school? Do you have a nine year old who is struggling to keep up with his/her peers? Just as children have different physical growth, they also have different mental growth. Some children are "early bloomers" and can dive into more challenging work at a younger age, while others need to be allowed time for their unique development to unfold. At Sheridan Christian Academy, parents and teachers work together to find the best classroom placement for your child.
  2. The Time Your Child Needs
    Children learn on their own schedules.
    At every level, we use "mixed" or "mulit-age" classrooms. The decision about when to advance a child will be made by parents and teachers and is not dependent upon a day on a calendar. If your child has a "brain growth spurt" and is ready to move to the next level, you won't have to wait for a new school year to make the change. If your child needs a little extra time, they won't be "held back", they will simply continue in the same classroom until teachers and parents agree that it is time for them to move on. To find out more about mulit-age classrooms, click the link above.
  3. Individualized Learning
    Children have unique needs.
    If you have more than one child, you know how very different even closely related children can be, so while we have a structured curriculum at every level, teachers have a good deal of flexibility on how that curriculum is taught. Children who need more "hands on" learning activities will have the opportunity to move beyond pencil and paper work. Children who are very imaginative, will have the chance to participate in creative activities that play to their unique strengths and ways of learning. To find out more about the curriculum at each level, click the link above.
  4. Time for Play
    Play helps children learn.
    Free play is crucial to a young child's learning. The modern push to eliminate recess and free time to make more room for additional test preparation is harming our children.. Some unstructured time is important for children at every level, but it will come as no surprise that the younger the child, the more time is needed. Therefore, in addition to scheduled recess times, the youngest children will have the opportunity for free play at the discretion of the teacher. For more information about the importance of playtime, click the link above.
  5. Gender Specific Learning Strategies
    Boys and girls learn differently.
    Despite modern rhetoric to the contrary, Christians know that God created men and women differently. Now, science confirms that male and female brains are far from identical. From infancy, boys and girls display differences in brain activity that indicate gender specific learning styles and preferences. At Sheridan Christian Academy, we work to find ways to capitalize on these gender profiles to help both boys and girls maximize their learning, while continuing to focus on individual needs that may supersede gender differences. Click the link above to find out more.
  6. Small Class Sizes
    Smaller class sizes improve learning.
    While Jesus sometimes preached to crowds of thousands, he ultimately chose only twelve men to become his close disciples.. He understood the value of developing intimate relationships with those he was mentoring. So do we. That's why we strive to maintain classes with no more than 10 students. Smaller classes give students more opportunities for participation, and they allow teachers to adapt instruction for individual needs. To learn more about the benefits of small class sizes, click the link above.
  7. A High Quality Academic Program
    A true "core" of academic knowledge
    God's word is the foundation upon which our curriculum is built. Added to that foundation is high quality, classic literature, the timeless lessons of history, structured writing instruction, a math curriculum that makes sense to both kids and parents, science courses that actually enhance your child's faith, foreign language classes from Rosetta Stone, and learning software and applications that support basic skill development. We also provide tutoring and after school activities four days a week. For more information, click the link above.
Level 2
Class Size
The mission of Sheridan Christian Academy is to provide a high quality, Christ centered education that cultivates both mind and spirit while building knowledge, inquiry, self-worth, and moral fortitude upon a foundation of Biblical faith and principles.
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