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August 11

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About Us
The first level is roughly equivalent to kindergarten through second grades and primarily includes children between the ages of five and eight, It is at this level that a strong foundation for later academic work is laid.  Children will receive personalized reading and math instruction and will participate in history, science, Bible and  read-aloud literature activities as a group.  In Level 1, your child will:
  1. Develop interpersonal skills based on Christian values
    One of the greatest benefits of a Christian education is the deliberate teaching of Christian values. Teachers help children conform their behavior to the teachings of Christ by modeling Christian behavior and by using the problems that arise in class as a platform to reinforce the necessity of loving God first and of loving our neighbors as ourselves.
  2. Learn traditional arithmetic at his/her own pace
    In the Level 1 classroom, you can expect your child to memorize math facts and learn basic arithmetic. Using self-paced math workbooks, manipulatives, and computer software or applications, your child will master the fundamentals of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc. that will lay a solid foundation for later, more advanced, learning.
  3. Learn Bible stories and memorize scripture
    At this level, children are ready to begin learning about how separate stories of the Bible are all related to the grand themes of man's fall into sin, his need for a savior, and God's plan for redemption. They are also at a stage in their development where they usually enjoy memory work, so it is the perfect time to begin to learn Bible verses.
  4. Practice printing, and learn cursive and story writing
    Despite the increased usage of technology, we believe it is essential that your child learns proper printing and handwriting techniques. Most work will be completed by hand in the elementary grades, and legibility and neatness will be important. While in the Level 1 classroom, your child will also learn the basics of story and informational writing.
  5. Listen to read-alouds of high quality literature
    Just because children at this level are usually not ready to read the classics on their own doesn't mean that they can't benefit from listening to them being read aloud. At Sheridan Christian Academy, it is our passion to help your child become a lifelong reader by instilling in them a love of language. Listening to great books gives them a great start!
  6. Discover literature-based geography
    Unlike most schools who offer young children a mish-mash of unrelated information through "social studies" courses, we believe that children are much better served by learning about the fascinating people and events of history, and where they occurred. Your Level 1 student will read and listen to engaging stories, participate in games, and get creative with maps and geography projects.
  7. Develop and improve reading and spelling skills
    Children develop reading skills at different rates, but during their years in the Level 1 classroom, most students will master the phonetic code and move toward reading fluency. Additionally, they will work on developing proper spelling and will build their vocabularies through individual and whole class activities.
  8. Be engaged by hands-on science lessons
    Young children are naturally curious about the world around them. We capitalize on that curiosity by involving them in hands-on science projects, nature studies, and through the reading of captivating books. This playful approach to early science instruction builds a foundation of knowledge and improves motivation for later science learning.
Enrollment Information
The mission of Sheridan Christian Academy is to provide a high quality, Christ centered education that cultivates both mind and spirit while building knowledge, inquiry, self-worth, and moral fortitude upon a foundation of Biblical faith and principles.
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