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August 11

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About Us
The third level is roughly equivalent to grades three through five and usually includes children between the ages of eight and eleven.  At this age, children's longer attention span and developing intellect allow them to tackle more advanced topics, but there is still a great variation in skills and readiness for learning.  Children usually remain in this level for three years.  In Level 2, students will:
  1. Develop interpersonal skills based on Christian values
    One of the greatest benefits of a Christian education is the deliberate teaching of Christian values. Teachers help children conform their behavior to the teachings of Christ by modeling Christian behavior and by using the problems that arise in class as a platform to reinforce the necessity of loving God first and of loving our neighbors as ourselves.
  2. Learn traditional arithmetic at his/her own pace
    At this level, you can expect your child to begin to work on more complex math problems involving multiple steps. Older, advanced students may even be ready to tackle Pre-Algebra by their third year in Level 2. As always, students will continue to progress at their own pace and will be assisted by one- on -one tutoring, and computer based learning.
  3. Read the Bible and memorize scripture
    At this age, children are ready to begin to read the Bible with less reliance upon children's adaptations. They are able to ask and answer more complex questions and to start to use Biblical principles to guide their decision making. Scripture memorization will continue at this level, laying the foundation for later application.
  4. Practice cursive and improve writing techniques
    Despite the increased use of technology, learning cursive has benefits for your child's brain and fine motor coordination that cannot be replicated by typing on a keyboard. Therefore, students will continue to hone their cursive skills as they master new techniques for crafting stories, penning poetry, and writing well structured compositions.
  5. Begin reading high quality literature independently
    Our selection of literature is based upon three factors-the overall quality of the story, the richness of the characters, and the value of the lessons it imparts. Few modern books can measure up to the classics in all three categories., Therefore, though the language is more challenging, classic novels form the core of our reading program throughout the years.
  6. Be immersed in the "story" of history
    Unlike most schools who offer students a mish-mash of unrelated information through "social studies" courses, we believe that children are much better served by learning about the fascinating people and events of history. Your Level 2 student will read and listen to engaging stories, participate in games, and get creative with history projects.
  7. Improve spelling skills and build vocabulary
    By the time they begin Level 2, students should be able to correctly spell a number of commonly used words. Now, they will begin to tackle more challenging vocabulary and spelling words through a systematic approach to learning that benefits all children, regardless of natural ability or skill level.
  8. Be engaged by hands-on science lessons
    While students at this age are able to understand more complex scientific terminology, much of their learning is still based upon physical observations and experiences. Therefore, Level 2 science will continue to focus on hands-on activities and be supplemented with high interest science books and educational games.
Enrollment Information
The mission of Sheridan Christian Academy is to provide a high quality, Christ centered education that cultivates both mind and spirit while building knowledge, inquiry, self-worth, and moral fortitude upon a foundation of Biblical faith and principles.
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