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August 11

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About Us
The fourth level is roughly equivalent to grades nine through twelve and usually includes students between the ages of fifteen and eighteen.  At this age, students are rapidly approaching adulthood and ready to assume much of the responsibility for their own learning.  They are also able to act as mentors to younger students.  Level 4 students will:
  1. Develop interpersonal skills based on Christian values
    One of the greatest benefits of a Christian education is the deliberate teaching of Christian values. Teachers help students conform their behavior to the teachings of Christ by modeling Christian behavior and by using the problems that arise in class as a platform to reinforce the necessity of loving God first and of loving our neighbors as ourselves.
  2. Complete an individualized math program
    As math becomes more challenging, there is an increasing disparity between students of the same age. We offer after school and Friday tutoring sessions along with computer based support for struggling students, while advanced learners have the opportunity to move at their own pace or participate in online classes.
  3. Complete a survey of the entire Bible
    Students at this level will be taught to read the Bible inductively, learning how to read, interpret, and apply scripture to their every day lives. Knowledge taken from history lessons will help students understand Biblical events and cultural references in their historical context.
  4. Develop formal and creative writing techniques
    At this level, students are introduced to more formal methods of writing. They are taught techniques to write persuasive essays and short research papers. Additionally, they are given the tools they need to craft engaging stories and write original poetry. This is also the time when students will begin instruction in typing.
  5. Read and discuss high quality, classic literature
    Our selection of literature is based upon three factors-the overall quality of the story, the richness of the characters, and the value of the lessons it imparts. Few modern books can measure up to the classics in all three categories., Therefore, though the language is more challenging, classic novels form the core of our reading program throughout the years.
  6. Be immersed in the "story" of history
    Our goal is that no student will be caught napping during history class. The "story" of history is filled with adventure and intrigue and is more exciting than any movie. We use engaging textbooks but supplement heavily with biographies, period novels, and historical fiction. and opportunities to participate in games and projects abound.
  7. Improve spelling skills and build vocabulary
    If you've ever perused the comments section on any website, you are well aware that our young people are in desperate need of spelling instruction. Simply because a student reaches the teen years does not mean that teachers can assume there is spelling competence or adequate vocabulary development. We continue to teach both.
  8. Develop a deep understanding of science concepts
    The modern trend in science is to try to cover a lot of topics superficially, test a child on recently learned information, and then move onto other topics, leaving the child to forget everything that was just learned. A much superior method of teaching science involves teaching fewer topics more deeply and reinforcing prior learning throughout the years.
Enrollment Information
The mission of Sheridan Christian Academy is to provide a high quality, Christ centered education that cultivates both mind and spirit while building knowledge, inquiry, self-worth, and moral fortitude upon a foundation of Biblical faith and principles.
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