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Multi-Age Classrooms

Many people are unfamiliar with the concept of multi-age classrooms.  Often, they wonder how one teacher can handle children who are at different levels. In actuality,  children in single grade classrooms are also at different levels, but when grouped into single grades, all children, regardless of developmental readiness, motivation, or natural ability are forced to complete the same coursework at the same time. In multi-age classrooms, by contrast, students may learn  many things within a whole group setting, but assignments are usually differentiated for individual learners. Thus, students who require more time and assistance to learn a concept are not forced to move on before they are ready, while students who are fast learners do not have to wait for the other students in the class to catch up before they can move on.

The ACEI (Association for Childhood Education International) put together the following list detailing the benefits of multi-age classrooms:.


 Children are able to spend longer periods of time with the same teacher. This allows the teacher to develop a deeper understanding of a child’s strengths and needs, and is therefore in a better position to support the child’s learning.


 Children have several years to develop, and are able to see themselves as progressive, successful learners. They are not labeled according to their ability, and children learn at their own rate


 Children are viewed as unique individuals. The teacher focuses on teaching each child
according to his or her own strengths, unlike in same grade classrooms that often expect all children to be at the same place
at the same time with regard to ability.


 Children develop a sense of family with their classmates. They become a "family of
learners" who support and care for
each other. Older children have the opportunity to serve as mentors and to take leadership roles.


 Older children model more sophisticated approaches to problem solving, and younger children are able to accomplish tasks they could not do without the assistance of older children. This dynamic increases the older child’s level of independence and competence.


Children have almost an extra month of teaching time, because the teacher does not have to spend the early weeks in the school year getting to know each child. Additionally, children are exposed to positive models for behavior and social skills.
For more information about mulit-age classrooms, click the link below.
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